AIMS and Objectes

To promote objectives and activities of United Nations, develop awareness about the aims and ideals of the world body and to stimulate a sense of peoples participation in its programs, activities and achievements. To work for international peace and understanding by involving the leadership of the community such as Members of Parliament, Members of Diplomatic Corps, lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Trade Unions, Students and youths.

To inculcate awareness among students, youth, communities, about the role and work of United Nations and its Specialized Agencies in eradication of poverty, economic uplift, social changes, fight against diseases, promotion of agriculture, sharing of technology and Science among nations on this planet. IFUNA is the only Non - governmental Organization working in India for the ideals of the United Nations.

To observe important U.N. Days such as World Food Day, Human Rights Day, International Literacy Day, World Health Day, International Women`s Day, UN Day etc. ;

♦ To felicitate and accord reception to visiting UN dignitaries.
♦ To publish "PEOPLE and UN News Magazine", Souvenirs etc.
♦ To Involve youth from Schools, Colleges and Universities in environment related programs.
♦ To exchange Cultural Delegates with various UNAs, sponsoring delegates to DPI / NGO Conference, New York annually.
♦ To keep close liaison with various UN Agencies and participate in their developmental programs specially with UNDP, UNFPA, UNEP, UNICEF, UNTCAD and UNESCO
♦ To Promote research information and education about the goals of the charter of the United Nations and the work of the United Nations System To cooperate with other organizations whose objective include the support of the United Nation and its development.
The main objects of our organization are as follows : -
♦ To coordinate activities of United Nations Associations and to cooperate where appropriate with other similar bodies working for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the United Nations in India.
♦ To work in close cooperation with the World Federation of United Nations Associations and to undertake project within the framework of WFUNA and UNO.
♦ To educate public opinion towards promoting peoples movement for the United Nations.
♦ To Interpret and to represent the views , feelings and sentiments of the Indian people in respect of International solidarity and cooperation among men and women.
♦ To promote research , information and education about the goals of the Charter of the United Nations Systems.
♦ To promote economic development enhancement of social progress and better standards of life.
♦ To organize welfare programs for the well - being and benefit of children, youth and handicapped suffering humanity, aged, women, etc.
♦ To promote New United Nations Associations in States or Union Territories where it does not exist, except in the Union Territory of Delhi.
♦ To Promote United Nations Clubs.
♦ To promote raising of funds, and charities, to accept gifts, donations and grants, and to borrow money for the benefit and promote the objectives of Indian Federation of United Nations Associations and to appropriately invest money where immediately required.
♦ To take on leaves , to purchase or otherwise acquire land , building and other assets and to lease , to rent and put to use such immovable and moveable assets for the benefit of and to promote the objectives of the Indian Federation United Nations Associations.

♦ To liaison and participate in the programs of regional office of Asia and Pacific and WFUNA

♦ To organize Debates, Seminars, Symposiums, and Workshops on UN related topics